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We Specialize in Artist & Brand Development, Graphic Design, Visual Content Creation, and Long-term Strategy. 

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The world moves very slowly, then all at once, and those who are afraid to act get left behind. 

At Visionary Rising, we make sure that no one gets left behind as the future of work is being shaped.  In short, we embolden creators to tell their stories, inclusive of those who are often overlooked, and undervalued.  We help brands understand the power in amplifying diverse voices in order to maximize output and exponentially increase impact. 

Founded in 2016, Visionary Rising Agency (VRA) is a creative house by and for creators, creative-focused companies, and the people who love them.   
Since launching, VRA and its team of strategists have served the needs of over 250+ clients, managed campaigns in 270 countries, and generated 50 Million+ in earned and paid media. 

Founder, Principal + Chief Strategist

latecia johnson is a cultivator of culture + innovator at heart.

In a world constantly consumed by perception-based marketing, LaTecia understands that proximity to greatness doesn’t make one great – only the work does that, and for this purpose, she focuses solely on the work before her and the impact that comes after.  Curious by nature, she is most excited about the opportunity to transform ideas into full-scale endeavors while delivering high impact outcomes that move businesses and brands forward. One idea at a time.  

Over the course of the last decade, the ambitious entrepreneur has expanded her focus to capturing unique moments that bring value to communities of color and prioritize the creator’s perspective. With a professional career that includes stints at Apple, Microsoft, Nielsen Media, and more, the corporate world has taken notice.  In 2020, as an addendum to an already robust skillset, LaTecia, a Founder Gym (2018) & Y Combinator (2019) alum, completed certifications in Global Transformation and Digital Strategy at Harvard University and Cornell, respectively. 

latecia@visionaryrising. co

Ashley "Nala" Willams

VP, Strategic Development

Nala is a creative powerhouse.

Navigating the crossroads of art, museums, and entrepreneurship, Ashley flexes her creativity by leveraging a dynamic set of skills honed through direct experience. Whether it's developing a strategy, platform, or production, Ashley is committed to expanding quality ideas into valuable experiences.

For Visionary Rising, this means that in an ever-changing world, Ashley is a scholar in getting things done.

Melissa Pamphille

Director, Artist Relations

Melissa is an 
unstoppable force.

Music, creativity, and the ear of a producer, Melissa focuses her immense passions on the total production of songs & identifying artists who are unconventionally talented. As Head of Artist Relations, Melissa ensures artists, labels, and brands on the music track have what they need to be successful. That means crafting relationships and building dynamic content that transcends the music.

Sarah Ocul

Music Marketing Specialist

Sarah is an ambitious 

Passionate, optimistic, and ambitious, Sarah has Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Master’s in Music Production from Queens College with a background that consists of stints at top labels Island Records, Universal Music Group, and Republic Records learning the operational effectiveness required for artists to reach the next level in today’s industry.


Sarah understands the freedom of an artist’s creative expression and the value of having a team working to create cohesiveness to consistently improve release structure and monetize platforms.  For Visionary Rising, Sarah’s overall experience and passion for music anchors the team and provides an array of resources for an already bustling roster.

Jordan Hudson

Artist Relations

Jordan is a musical genius.

Jordan is soft-spoken but deeply focused, possessing the unique ability to step into a new space and completely encompass the moment.  In a digital age, this is done by keeping his pulse to emerging trends, curating playlists, and growing the footprint of the agency by connecting with artists, managers, and labels to create comprehensive campaigns and activations for artists.

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